10 Brand Imagery Trends Shaping the CPG Industry

Looking at the top brand imagery trends that influence CPG marketing campaigns

Brand imagery trends are constantly changing. CPGs are paying close attention and incorporating these key trends into their visual content marketing strategies. Blaire Kotsikopoulos, Senior Director of Data and Insights with Skyword, revealed the top trends she noticed by analyzing data collected by the company’s content marketing platform and analytics software that advised clients how to improve their digital footprint.

Trend 1 – Authentic Imagery

Consumer packaged goods brands are embracing the reality of situations they solve with their products. This is influencing all aspects of their messaging to connect with their customer on a real level. Pampers released the “Booty Duty” campaign, which featured celebrity dads like John Legend and Adam Levine dealing with stinky diapers. The campaign successfully resonated with consumers who felt that the brand understood the reality of the situation.

Trend 2 – Choice Colours

CPG firms are looking to use the right hues as part of their brand imagery strategy. Once Pantone announced its colour of the year as Living Coral, Kotsikopoulos found hues of desert tones and shades of blues become quite popular in the packaging of consumer products.

Trend 3 – Instagram Stories

Brands are exploring Instagram Stories as it doesn’t feel as permanent as an Instagram photo. Skyword tracked the median impressions of photos used in Instagram Stories versus photos and videos in regular Instagram posting. It had the second highest reach with the first being videos on posts. Stories allow brands to convey a time-based message in a fun way. The brands who post about nine to twelve times a day are most effective as it reappears at the top of the Instagram Story feed. The content here tends to influence their visual messaging on other platforms as well, which lends to the overall fluid extension of the brand at all touch points.

Trend 4 – Social Engagement

The product does not need to only appeal to the customer at the point of purchase. Creating visually appealing packages that users can organically share on their social media creates more buzz and hype for the product itself. If a user finds the product interesting, they will be compelled to share it on their social content.

Trend 5 – Personalization

Personalizing the packaging allows users to feel part of the process. The “Share a Coke” campaign personalized bottles by printing more than 1000 first names and 200 last names. This once again is just another way for the product to be promoted and shared on the consumer’s social media.

Trend 6 – High-End Branding & Natural Elements

Branding efforts that look high-end give the impression that the products being sold are of a premium quality. Colour choices, such as minimalist and muted colours, can help make even a budget-minded marketer create a strong campaign. Piccolo seeds created beautiful packaging for their products using a combination of muted colours and iconography.

Many brands tend to use imagery with natural elements, even if it doesn’t relate to the product itself. Therefore, it’s a good idea to rethink the use of natural imagery with something that actually represents the messaging of the product.  

Trend 7 – Larger Digital Landscape

Many brands have started looking at how their social media efforts play into a larger digital landscape. For instance, on Instagram, consumers are able to click through to a company’s website directly from a photo. This allows consumers to get directly to the purchasing stage. Some brands are even working with Instagram so consumers can shop directly on this platform.

Trend 8 – Market Feedback

Many brands are looking to get feedback and comments from their consumers about a new product idea, packaging modification or messaging concept. In this way, they can hear directly from their consumer whether their efforts will be successful.

Trend 9 – Improving Your Life

Another beneficial tactic is to look at how the product improves a consumer’s life at the time that the product is used. Whirlpool’s “Every Day Care” campaign shows that every chore is done as an act of love for your family. Therefore, instead of the ad just being a feature dump, the consumer is reminded of their home life and how this would benefit them.

Trend 10 – Keep Pace with Market

Brands need to monitor how content is changing over time so that they don’t fall behind in this already competitive arena. Monitoring and measuring the visual campaign helps one see what is changing, what is working and what isn’t. These results can help marketers understand whether they should switch platforms or adjust the content.

At the base level, it’s about creating authentic messaging focused on consumer experience and styling it in a way that your consumer can share it on their social.

*Source: Skyword

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