Don’t sell, solve!

It’s the solution that sells, not the other way around.

In a world of reluctant, risk-averse, and consensus-based decision making, the winning Sales formula is equipping and educating your team with solutionsfor their customers; it is no longer enough to sell based on the merits of your products or services alone.

The Central Group knows this first-hand and we have made a commitment to understanding our clients’ goals in order to provide them merchandising solutions that better serve them and their customers’ needs.

A great resource and anecdotal illustration of our “solve-don’t-sell” point is the book The Challenger Sale, by Brent Adamson and Matthew Dixon.  It outlines what Central is observing quite accurately and the following excerpts are all sourced from this poignant read!

“If you’re on the journey to more of a value-based or solutions-oriented sales approach, then your ability to challenge your customers to think differently and/or address obstacles in a new way is absolutely vital for your success going forward.”

“Over half of customer loyalty is a result not of what you sell, but how you sell.  53% in fact.”


“What sets the best suppliers apart is not just the quality of their products, but the value of their insight—new ideas to help customers either make money or save money in ways they didn’t even know were possible.”

The Challenger Sale also tells us that 57% of B2B decisions are made in advance of any presentations or pitch-related meetings; Buyers already know the major “text book” facts before the pitch begins and have done their research.


Think again, Tailor and Take Control


The best pitches come out on top not by “discovering” or “regurgitating” what customers already know they need, but from innovating and solving problems in entirely new ways.

New solutions teach customers new perspectives, and need to be specifically tailored to their most pressing business needs in a compelling and assertive enough manner that actually drives action.

At The Central Group, we provide full spectrum solutions and are equipped to learn the holistic situation and close the loop with a unique and tailored solution.  We practice this approach every-day and would be delighted to share more with you!


*Source: The Challenger Sale and Central’s core values


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