From everyday shopper problem to double digit ROI. How?

The Central Group_Performance At Retail

Every day between 4 and 7 pm, an everyday panic hits –  over 70% of shoppers don’t know what to make for dinner.

Sure, retailers provide a variety of fresh home meal replacements options. But brands still struggle with how to offer complements to the perimeter of the store. In simple English, how do you get shoppers out of meat and produce, and into the meal enhancer aisle?

Or is that even the problem?

We thought it might be better to ask how to cross merchandise meal complements more effectively, period. The rewards are there, if you can connect the dots –  over 26% of today’s millennial shoppers shop the perimeter of the store, while 54% of shoppers actually enjoy shopping for a meal solution. How do you tap this market, and give them a little meal solution shopping enjoyment?

Or, if you consider this from the perspective of a display company or brand, you wonder why more effort isn’t placed on strategies to exploit this well-documented shopper behaviour.

This isn’t an unfamiliar problem to us.  We’ve worked with brands like Knorr to innovate solutions that benefited both the retailer and brand.

One such experience began by leveraging a global program into the North American market, and partnering with the brand to successfully transfer all of the global insights into a local, relevant in-store experience. We worked collaboratively with the brand and retailers to identify non-traditional areas of the store perimeter to merchandise complements to the meal preparation process. That involved taking a centre-of-store meal prep complement to the perimeter of the store. In essence, we brought fresh produce, frozen, and proteins together with non-traditional merchandising and display vehicles.  The Central Group Performance at Retail

These vehicles were then supported with updated inspirational imagery, mobile communication and meal ideas, and couponing for that little extra incentive.

The result of these actions? An increase in share of the Knorr meal complements by +14%.

How can you be effective at a similar strategy?

To bring this solution to life, we simply pulled back, dug deep for insights, and partnered effectively with our clients to go where no complement had gone before.

It’s something you can do, too. But before you start, make sure you:

  1. Partner – Build a collaborative environment with your retailer at the highest levels, to drive the merits of the solution and the potential outcome.
  2. Get intel – Leverage insights from other market results and deployments, while layering on local shopper behaviours that support your program. Utilize local trends, engage in research and insights to build a strong case to your retailer counterparts.
  3. Co-create – Design the solution with retail in mind, being conscious of shopper profile, organizational structure and store operations.
  4. Get close – As the solution provider, get intimate with the retail environment. Make sure you understand all local nuances that may or may not improve your chances of success.

A strategy is only as good as its results

Our example reinforces the need for organizations to not only plan for their results, but maintain a disciplined approach to the process.

Throughout, the brand facilitated an excellent working relationship with its retail partner, ad agency and, ultimately, us as the display and merchandising partner. You need all the partners working together in a trusting, collaborative way for this to really succeed. That included doing collaborative design, measuring success / sharing results, and digging into local research models.

 If you found this story useful, and you’d like to know more about how we work with brands to drive shopper ROI, don’t hesitate to contact Mike Alviano at, ‭(905) 467-2231‬.

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