Is there a right and wrong place for your display?

Is there a right or wrong place for your display?


Yes. No. And maybe. The fact is, displays are effective merchandising tools used in all manner of retail settings for many different reasons. But not all placements are created equal. Long story short – there is likely an optimal spot for your product in any store you choose. The trick is finding that optimal spot.

That leaves us with two important considerations:

  1. If your product is an impulse purchase, what it needs is traffic. So you need to look for placement with the greatest possible numbers of passersby.
  2. If your product is closely associated with another category, perhaps you need to display your product there. Think of a cracker display in the soup aisle, cookies by the milk cooler or chips by the dip. Wouldn’t it make every shopper’s life easier if these things were lumped together?

Now, for a bit of a twist. If your product is seen as an innovation in a mature category, and needs to stand out with customers who are looking for something new and exciting, you might consider displaying in a secondary disruptive space right within its parent category. Consider a new kid’s cereal in a sea of cereal options – not good. But position it on a Display right in front of that massive aisle? Much better.

Change that behaviour

It’s common knowledge that a display can do more than merchandise – it can boost sales. But bring a few other variables into play, and you can make that display a far more powerful sales-building tool. Here are a couple of thought-starters.

First, there’s price. Over 76% of shoppers *make their buying decisions while in the store, and nothing influences that decision as effectively as Display. Seeing the item on display, creates the assumption it’s a great deal. What’s more, consumers are less concerned with price and more likely to pick up multiple items if the sale is based on multiples (2 for $5, for example). And even when purchasing multiples, they still don’t pay much attention to the depth of discount!

Then, there’s assortment. Grocery shoppers will try more innovative products if they find them on display with their favourite products? The trick is to make sure the known and trusted items are visible to draw the shoppers. When they see the new item, their sentiment is to pick it up because they’re ‘there anyway’.

So put some thought into where your display is. Bear in mind that proximity to complementary products can create real lift, as can innovative pricing and assortment.

*Source: OSI Branding


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