The Top 5 Customer Centered Merchandising Trends in 2018

How does your brand stand out in a sea of competing product?

In the age of digitalization, brick-and-mortar stores are getting creative by finding appealing ways for consumers to experience in-store shopping with the convenience of online shopping. These are the top five trends for visual merchandising in 2018: dynamic lighting, interactive merchandising, neuromarketing, augmented reality and minimalism.

Dynamic Lighting

One fourth of consumers make an unplanned purchase based on how a product is lit. A bright light on a product helps highlight its details and importance turning the shopper into a customer. To make this more effective, dim the lights in the surrounding area so that your product becomes the focal point. When using coloured lights, be cognisant of how colour can influence our mood (blue family is calming while red family is more stimulating).

Interactive Merchandising

Typically, customers spend about 5-8 minutes in the fitting room to sample a product. By using interactive solutions such as virtual reality, coding technology and motion sensors, retailers can change and enhance the consumer’s shopping experience. Mac Cosmetics launched “Virtual Try-on Mirror”, which allowed consumers to try a variety of make-up styles without having to actually apply the product. When customers get involved via displays, in store demos and digital kiosks, they become more engaged. And this just offers more opportunities for you to interact with your customer.


There are so many factors that influence a customer’s buying habits. Colour, light, audio frequency, visuals and smell are all neurological factors that influence this experience. Understanding your store environment and how all the above factors are working together, can help you understand what a shopper is experiencing when making a purchase. Some companies (like us at The Central Group) even use eye tracking software to track where a user is looking when they come upon a display.

Augmented Reality

With the development of virtual reality, customers are now able to experience products in a completely different way! TopShop gives shoppers virtual reality glasses, allowing them to see clothes worn in real time to help them visualize how they can incorporate these items into their own wardrobe. These videos and images shown via virtual reality can help you communicate your mission and vision to the customer.


Simple is best. Showcase your product through the use of a minimalist aesthetic, allows your product to pop. Although not all retailers transform their entire retail space to clean lines, sharp edges and bright spaces, you may choose to adorn a clean look for your display. Miansai, a Miami-based brand, has created a clean retail space that truly reflects the minimalist nature of its accessories line.


Now that you know what the top five trends are for 2018, which trend are you most interested to implement?



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